The committed ones


By Matebello Motantsi

As SciFest 2018 drew to a close, I spoke to pupils from schools in Grahamstown about their experience at this year’s festival. They said they had attended each day of the festival since its start on Wednesday 7 March. Every day after their classes end, they cross town and go up the hill to the Rhodes University monument – on foot. They did this voluntarily as their schools did not organise official trips to SciFest.

While most of them came solely for the purpose of playing games that the SciFest team offered, and to meet new people, a few of them said that they enjoy science subjects in school and would like to encounter more science as they study further.

This group of friends in grade 8 and 9 from T.E.M. Mrwetyana senior secondary consists of an aspiring scientist, a soldier, a social worker and a policeman. They all said they enjoyed the games at Scifest and they would all like to study in the STEM fields when they reach grade 10. Photo: Matebello Motantsi

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