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When adopting an animal make sure it is the right fit for your family. Make sure the animal fits your lifestyle and isn’t – for example – too energetic for you or too demanding. Cross breeds are generally more hardy and durable pets. The more intelligent an animal, the more training it needs. Adopting is better than shopping, as these animals often have a time limit on their life. When adopting an animal you ensure its vaccinations are up to date, it is sterilised and has a good temperament. For more information or advice, please contact Grahamstown SPCA:
Please remember for any animal related emergencies and or queries please contact the Grahamstown SPCA or one of the vets below:
Grahamstown Veterinary Practice on Fitzroy Street, Tel: 046 622 6743
Ikhala Veterinary Practice on Strowan Road, Tel: 046 622 3261
The State Vet on George Street, Tel: 046 622 7112
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For more information, advice or guidance, to report cruelty and or details on how you can donate to help us with the work we are doing in your community, please contact the Grahamstown SPCA on 046 622 3233 or email us at spcaght@gmail.com

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