Nombulelo Choir clears deck with 10 wins


Nombulelo participated in the Grahamstown round of the South African choral eisteddfod on 26 April  and were completely dominant.

They sang in 10 different categories –  the lyric soprano, the mezzo-soprano, the tenor, the bass/baritone, the mixed quartet, the girls’ choir, the boys’ choir, the Afrikaans, Western and African pieces. They came first in all too! Nombulelo led from Ntsika, Ikamvalesizwe from Kenton, Ukhanyo from Alexandria and Khutliso Daniels. This is the third year in a row that Nombulelo have had a clean sweep in choral music, making them the best choir in the Albany region over this period.

This is the same choir whose members were reported to have suffered from food poisoning by Grocott’s Mail recently. The young champions managed to overcome all of that to take the championship crown once again. Their next competition will be a Mega District one in Graaff Reinett, to be held on Sunday, 13 May. Nombulelo are the defending champions in this competition.

The choir has owed a lot of its success to the voice coaches, Nombulelo family and friends including the School Governing Board and Principal Nicci Hayes.

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