Conservation Sports Day at George Dickerson



George Dickerson Primary School held a sports day at the Oval Sports field on Tuesday 8 May, offering their pupils environmental education and a day out in the sun. “Rrespect yourself; respect each other; respect your environment,” Grade Five pupils could be heard chanting delightedly.

Coaching for Conservation was present for the second instalment of their six-week programme at the school, teaching them about conservation, sporting skills and life lessons like respect and teamwork. The programme begins with taking the pupils to Amakhala Game Reserve and exposing many of them to wildlife for the first time as well as the need to conserve it.

“The excitement, the appreciation on their faces when they come back and tell us what they saw, what they did, is inexplicable,” said Malcolm Douglas, the headmaster of George Dickerson Primary School. The programme raises awareness about endangered rhino through fun and interactive sports games at the Oval for the remaining weeks of the programme. The children learn about different animal qualities and relate them to how they can improve their own lives. “They learn that each living being has a role to play in this world,” explained Douglas.

The partnership has been so successful that 2018 marks five years since it debuted at George Dickerson.

Sarah Durr, the Grahamstown Educator for Coaching for Conservation in a huddle with Grade 5 pupils.
Photo: Jessica Evans

George Dickerson pupils take a Karate stance as they chant “Respect yourself; respect each other; respect your environment.”
Photo: Jessica Evans

Educator Sarah Durr explains teamwork and the importance of communication with teammates.
Photo: Jessica Evans

Each week, the Grade 5 pupils bring their Coaching for Conservation gear for some time outside, learning ball skills and life lessons.
Photo: Jessica Evans

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