Vukani dry for two days


Vukani residents finally got water Thursday 10 May after two dry days this week. The outage on Tuesday and Wednesday affected the entire area, with residents forced to fetch water some distance away, in A Street.

Grandfather Gugile Bashe, one of those affected, was coming from a bathroom break in the bush because there was no water to flush his toilet. There wasn’t even water for children to wash.

“The municipality used to inform us on time when such things are going to happen, I don’t know why they don’t,” said Bashe.

Grandmother Zameka Mata said, “The thing of not having water is a crisis because we have toilets and we are not even informed about it. We should be given a warning before it happened,” said Mata.

Ward Committee member in Vukani, Sphiwo Thwana, said they were also unaware of the water outage in Vukani, as was the ward councillor. Since the outage began on Monday there had been no municipal water trucks, he said.

No response to questions about the outage had been received from Makana Municipality by the time of publishing.

A resident returns to Vukani, carrying water from A Street.

Grandfather Gugile Bashe sets off with empty 25-litre containers to fill them. Photos: Lindani Donyeli

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