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I write to know when the councill will deliver services to the poor residents and community of Makana.

Our municipality continues to collect revenue from the poor people of Makana and yet there is no service delivery rendered to them.

Our roads are deteriorating every day. Our cars are getting damaged every day, people replace car partsdaily without compensation. Communities go out without water twice or three days a week without being informed and no courtesy to supply them with water or deliver water to entire affected areas using the trucks.

Streets are very dirty. Residents of Ext 4 and 5 in Joza are categorised as rate payers and yet there is no service delivery in those areas. At Albany Road municipality cuts grass and clean the streets, but nothing is happening at the Joza suburb.

Schools aren’t provided with black refuse bags to collect rubbish, yet they are paying for un-rendered service. Stadiums walls are falling apart, and have no gates or toilets yet there are security guards paid to secure the properties.

Vandalism to recreational facilities is the order of the day in Makana but there are guards employed and alarms installed in all public halls.

Elections are close by and for each party to win in any election, they must work closer with their constituencies and community at large to address their daily needs.

Gone are the days we called to meetings for our votes. Address the needs of the people and you will win any election because you care about your voters. Young councillors don’t sleep in council meetings; you are our hope. Why were you elected into council ?

Service delivery is at the centre of our struggle and our lives as voters of this country. This is not a privilege but our fundamental democratic right because we voted for it. When are we going to see radical infrastructure transformation? What happened to the mayoral imbizos ? Have we ran out of new ideas?  This municipality you are leading is falling apart.

Concerned Makana rate payer

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