DSG host Clarendon in hockey, netball showdown



The pleasant weather of Saturday 12 May witnessed many enthusiastic parents at the Webster astro and netball courts. Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) Junior hosted Clarendon Park for various netball and hockey matches throughout the morning

The U13 A teams were the highlight of the day. Both U13 A netball teams looked confident as they walked onto the court. The match began with both young teams displaying great team work and effort. DSG started off strong but they were put under immense pressure by Clarendon during the second half. The hosts, however, remained focused resulting in their 9-7 win. DSG coach Rene Barnard displayed her pride for the team. “Overall, I think they did really well, considering that it’s still early in the season and they are still finding their feet as a new team.”

The last match for the day saw the U13 A hockey team take on their counterparts from Clarendon. During the first half both teams expressed great determination. Clarendon dominated during the first half but DSG continued to work hard as a team. It was a nail-biting match which ended with a 0-0 draw. “My u13s played really well it was a good starting point for the upcoming season,” said Cathy Munro, the DSG head coach. “They played well as a team and fought hard until the very end but need to work on their passing and tackling skills. The team can only get better and stronger from here.”

Overall, it was an enjoyable morning filled with exciting matches for the young girl teams. Junior school sports should encourage children to increase their passion for sport while developing their skills.

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