Humility isn’t passivity

By Dave Koch
Jesus is a fantastic leader. He continually equipped and empowered those around him. When he walked the Earth with his disciples, he was constantly preparing them for the time when they would have to make decisions without him standing beside them. They, like us, were not spectators in the equation, because they, like us, were co-heirs of the coming Kingdom.
There is therefore a very assertive tone in all of Christ’s engaging of people. Although in this world we will have trouble, in partnership with Jesus, we are destined to do some serious overcoming.
Now Christ did call us to do this all with humility, but humility has nothing to do with passivity. Turning the other cheek has everything to do with fighting the right battles. We never need ‘one-upmanship’ over another person. Humility in its essence, is power under control. Power used to build people up, not break them down. We are those who actively play our part.
We are those who ask. Those who stop and consider the world around us, and ask Christ for grace to engage the challenges and bring restoration to the world around us. We are those who seek. Those who pursue his strategies of bringing healing into the lives of those around us. We are those who knock. Those who get up and give it a go, even if we might fail.
In this world we might have trouble, but we can take heart because he has overcome.
* Frontiers Church
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