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Graeme Holmes, Founder of The Grahamstown Project. Photo: Supplied.

Local resident, Graeme Holmes, is making it his mission to reinvigorate Grahamstown’s tourism industry. Holmes works alongside community members and businesses as a means to give Grahamstown an inspired and exciting appeal to potential tourists.

Holmes started The Grahamstown Project towards the end of 2017, by working on cleaning up the grounds of St Phillip’s Church in Fingo Village just in time for the Christmas holidays.

“It’s a social business”, said Holmes. “I’m marketing publicity of Grahamstown.”

“When people think about Grahamstown, you cannot say potholes,” he said. “It’s about presenting your best face.”

The Grahamstown Project’s new website features a colourful design which easily allows visitors to explore local attractions, restaurants and accommodation. It serves as a one-stop-shop for people looking to plan a trip to visit the City of Saints.

“There’s a wonderful array of things to come and do,” said Holmes.

Holmes’s initiative comes with a concern for the community: “How do we uplift people? We need more money and more collaboration.”

The Grahamstown Project is intended as a grassroots initiative to improve the city’s economy and social welfare.

Grocott’s MailĀ will continue to share exciting news with our readers from The Grahamstown Project’s Facebook page. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit theirĀ website.

There’s a wonderful array of things to come and do.


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