Charlotte Jefferay letter

Yesterday I approached Rayners in the industrial area looking to buy sacks.  The plan was to sew sacks together to make a (temporary) ceiling for a shack in Hlalani which my gardener has built for himself. Not only were the staff of Rayners friendly and helpful but supervisor, John Tarr, GAVE me the sacks and not only that, instucted two of the workers to SEW them for us. This was done with utmost efficiency and good will by Sonwabo Williams and Andile Booi. And the end result:  a sheet of strong double layer sack fabric 3.4 x 3.4 neatly folded up and packed for me. The whole experience was very heartwarming and I would like to publicly thank the staff of Rayners  for such generous help. And making the day for the people who will be that much warmer this winter.
With appreciation, Charlotte Jefferay

Rayner General Agencies, the supervisor is John Tarr The guy sewing is called Sonwabo Williams, the guy holding the sack is called Andile Booi

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