Andrew Moyake kids mark Africa Day


By Sizwe Mda

King Lobengula Lodges and Tours in conjunction with NELM institute organised a successful Africa Day on Friday 25 May. The event had children from Andrew Moyake, where Rhodes and his brother Albert used to go to school.

The day was celebrated with Dance and Music and some children had a time to tell bedtimes and fairytales. The day was meant to cultivate story-telling and to get children interested in reading and writing.

The children got a chance to learn the history of King Lobengula descendants that live within their midst and have no idea which country they come from before they got to be buried in Kwa-Ndancama, Fingo Village.

The King Lobengula Foundation is planning to open the house to the Community to come and enjoy African Literature, hence we had this Event. The house is to be revamped into a Museum and an Arts Gallery to showcase African talent.  The organisers hope that the house would have been renovated and will be able to host more events by end of June and the National Arts Festival.

“We hoping to get Investment coming and build the most phenomenal establishment in Fingo Village,”  a King Lobengula Foundation said, “something the community would be proud off;  a cultural village that represents all cultures and races, young and old.

“We hope that next year’s Celebrations would attract everybody from different countries.”

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