Woman dies in Bathurst attack


A case of Murder and House Robbery has been opened for investigation and Bathurst detectives are appealing to anyone who may be able help track down the attackers of a couple in the early hours of this morning.

A man in his 60s went outside to investigate after hearing movements outside his home this morning at 4.45am, when he was attacked by two unknown males, Police spokesperson Captain Mali Govender said.

“He fought back and attempted to close the kitchen door. One was in front and the other behind him and during the scuffle he was stabbed on his upper body,” Govender said. “When the second victim, a female, went to check on what was going on she was struck on her upper body. She died on the scene.”

Govender said police believe two cellphones were taken by the fleeing suspects.

The man was taken to hospital for medical treatment.

“He is reported to be in severe shock and extremely traumatised,” Govender said.

Port Alfred Cluster Commander Brigadier Morgan Govender extended his sincere condolences to the bereaved family and friends of the victim.

“This cruel deed by these ruthless attackers is strongly condemned,” Brigadier Govender said. “I urge the community to work with the SAPS in bringing these perpetrators to book.”

He said the investigation would be overseen by a senior seasoned investigator.

Any person with information on this incident should contact their nearest police station or the crime stop number on 08600 10111. All information is strictly confidential and the caller has a choice to remain anonymous.

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