DSG Old Girl Solving a Global Issue: Student Accommodation, with DigsConnect

DSG old girl (2010), Alexandria Claire Procter, with online platform DigsConnect, is making life easier for students and landlords alike. DigsConnect is a platform that allows users to create listings for student accommodation – for free!
Alexandria, one of very few female tech entrepreneurs in South Africa, says that it was during her time on the UCT SRC that she realized that student accommodation was much larger than the Cape Town bubble she was exposed to and that this it is intact a global issue that was crying out for a tech solution.
This led to the founding of DigsConnect, a decided to create a platform that makes it easier than ever to rent out anything from a spare room in your family home to large property portfolios.
Are you a student with a spare room in your flat/digs? They do that too!
DigsConnect is a totally free service for students and property owners alike. Revenue is derived from optional paid top ads, which boost the visibility of your property, and other value add services like verifications.
If you have a spare room in your digs, family home or a student digs that you manage or own – visit their extremely easy-to-use website: www.digsconnect.co.za.
We tested it out, and saw that in just three minutes we created a listing. And the best part is that every time you receive an inquiry on DigsConnect, you receive an email notifying you, with a link to the message.
What if you’re a student? Well, create a profile to find digsmates or look for a place to stay. It’s never been easier.
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