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Grey Dam

Thanks from all of us to whoever is taking care of Grey Dam.  Week in, week out people are doing their bit and the result is a litter-free place to relax.  The picture shows a calm early morning scene at Grey Dam.

Meanwhile, the consultancy report on Grey Dam has been adopted by Makana Council, though it’s not clear that funding will be available.  The difficulty with placing any fencing or other facilities at this location are security-related.  If there are further developments we’ll let you know, including public consultations.

Grahamstown Plastic Action Group

Actions so far include constructing a map of Grahamstown’s recycling facilities which will be published as soon as possible, listing of businesses that are stopping use of plastic bags and drinking straws.  Bargain Books for example introduced a ban on plastic bags two years ago.  Our local Bargain Books manager in Pepper Grove Mall is keen to go further and reduce plastic packaging to a minimum, though some products unfortunately come wrapped in plastic.  They are one of five businesses in Grahamstown that have given up plastic bags completely.  Earth’s Produce, Bargain Books, Mustard Seed, Ikhala and G’town Vets.  Three businesses have stopped using plastic straws.  Rat & Parrot, Café D’Vine and Casa da Loco.  Homeground and SPAR offer a discount on coffee if you bring your own cup!

GPAG have contacted Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium where Hayley McLellan is providing leadership for ‘Rethink the Bag.’  See her at   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88IR3qLaAME&t=43s

We can all help – tell businesses that you don’t want to be offered unnecessary plastic.  If you wish to register your interest, or get involved, please contact S.Mantel@ru.ac.za

New Recycling Initiative

Why not put your waste to a good cause?  Grahamstown SPCA take in all recyclables (washed and clean please), which they send to a recycling plant.  The SPCA is paid for this waste, so your waste is used to promote animal welfare and generally helps fund the SPCA.  People can drop bags of recyclables including: all paper, hard and soft plastics, glass (please wrap broken glass and separate from other glass), aluminium cans and tins.

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