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On 23 May, I visited Home Affairs (Grahamstown) to collect my ID book.

When I got there a security officer said I must sign the register book and wait. While I was sitting there one of the officials called those who were there to collect their IDs and asked for my old Identity document.

“Hayi sisi! There is no ID here. When did you make it?” he asked loudly. As if I am a fool. He said there is no sign of the ID and he asked for a receipt. Luckily I had the receipt slip with me and I showed it to him. He said I must go to a [particular]window. When I got there another official attended to me by checking the receipt and he called another official.

The lady said the receipt would not scan, so I must pay another R140 to apply for a new ID book and apply for a  refund. I told her I am not there to apply for an ID – I am there to collect it. I was so angry and I ended up going back to work.

I don`t mind waiting or being in a queue where I can see at least there is something moving. They are forgetting that you are utilising your lunch hour. There is no chance to go there unless you are off and they are closed on weekends.

Good people, we are at work like you during the week. The only chance we get is the only time that they are wasting. Imagine. It is the fifth month now waiting for my ID – all to find out it was not done.

Where are Batho Pele principles?

If this thing is happening to me, how much more to our grandmothers and grandfathers?

Luleka Mantile


Office Manager Xolile Sibeje responds as follows:

We sincerely apologise for Ms Mantile’s experience. The writer should have been treated better and everything should have been explained to them. On behalf of this office, I apologise for that. The office has experienced problems after the nationwide upgrading of the system early in April. Head Office confirmed in mid-May that they were working on the problem. The national office is aware of problems experienced by clients not just in this office, but across the country.

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