Hero of the Week: Tristyn Burger


Tristyn Burger is an exceptional athlete and leader at Victoria Primary School. A consistent performer on the tennis court, hockey field and in the Karate dojo, Burger is an inspiration to her fellow pupils at Victoria Primary.

The Grade 7 learner is not only the captain of Victoria Primary’s U13 Tennis and Hockey teams; Burger is also deputy Head Girl at Victoria, and is a House Captain.

Burger was recently awarded her full colours for her selection to represent the Eastern Province under 13 B Team. As well as being ranked second in first team tennis, Burger also holds a red belt in Karate, and hopes to be promoted to brown belt at the end of the year.

Burger works very hard to perform as well as she does. “I believe that I have achieved [what I have]in sport because I am disciplined, focused and determined. I train regularly so that I can continue to improve my abilities and skills,” said Burger. “My advice to my peers would be to be disciplined and work hard at all times to improve yourself by putting in the required time and effort; whether it is for your favourite sport code or your books.”

Burger’s hockey coach, Miss Knott-Craig, said, ” Tristyn Burger is a strong, enthusiastic and encouraging leader. As the 2018 Hockey Captain, Tristyn sets the example by working exceptionally hard and always wanting to improve her skills,” said Knott-Craig.

“She makes sure that she is at practises early and she warms the squad up without any instruction. With her drive and determination we look forward to witnessing all that she will achieve in the future,” said Knott-Craig.

Tristyn Burger is an exceptional athlete and leader at Victoria Primary. She is determined to continue improving and excelling in her sport.
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