K-Day Preview 2018


It is that time of year again in Grahamstown. The annual, eagerly-awaited K-day derby between St Andrews/ Diocesan School for Girls and Kingswood is taking place this week and especially on Saturday at varied St Andrews, DSG, and Kingswood facilities. Over the course of Monday through to Saturday, All competing disciplines from the high and preparatory schools involved will be taking part in organised fixtures for what has become a celebration of competition and sportsmanship by the local community in Grahamstown.

K-day 2017 turned out to be statistically successful for St Andrews/ DSG combined, with 3 out of the 4 1st team fixtures being won by SAC-DSG. K-day’s penultimate rugby fixture in 2017 was won by St Andrews by a dramatically large margin, with the final score being 72-5 in favour of St Andrews. The contest was eagerly awaited by spectators, supporters and coaches alike due to exactly 16 players combined for both teams having been picked for Craven and Academy Week selection. In the boys’ hockey, St Andrews were again successful, with their 1st XI clash resulting in a 6-0 win against Kingswood. The general consensus was that St Andrews were very dominant over Kingswood in the hockey as well as the rugby.

In women’s hockey, the 1st teams ended in a 1-1 draw in 2017. The clash was fought to the death, with most of the first half appearing as if locked in a stalemate, Diocesan School for Girls managed to score right before the break, with Kingswood equalising at the end of the game. In the women’s netball, DSG were comfortably victorious with a final score of 32-17 over Kingswood Girls.

With last year’s outcomes being considered, Kingswood should be hoping to dominate the scoreboards and establish some victories over the weekend. While K-day is intended as a celebration of sport and sportsmanship, the coaches obviously will be putting pressure on the players to go out and have fun, but also to put in their all for a victory over varied opposition.

The glory of K-day is the atmosphere around the games. While both schools will attempt to play it down as a normal fixture, K-day has evolved since the first K-day clash in 1898 to become a tradition. It has often been described as a festival and every year attracts supporters from all over Makana and the Eastern Cape. People commute from near and far to all partake in the festivities and

K-day 2018 looks to be an encapsulating and stimulating event, with all teams from all schools involved set on spending the week/weekend partaking in historical fixtures with the ultimate goal of improving sportsmanship, relationships and friendships. To all competitors, sportsmen and sportswomen, good luck and have fun! K-day 2018 looks to be a vast, boundless display of young talent and camaraderie. K-

The Grocott’s Sport team will be covering all first team fixtures, as well as live tweeting the St Andrews vs Kingswood u19A rugby fixture at 3pm on Saturday afternoon.


Team Lists:

First Team Rugby:

The first team rugby captains of Kingswood, Kamva Kalipa (Left), and St Andrew’s, Alexander Menage, look to go head to head in this year’s K-Day.
Photo: Supplied


St Andrew’s First team:

Basi Malesu
Christopher Poole
Bame Malesu
Brayden Barratt
Matthew Hillary
Alexander Menage (C)
Christian Roebert
Miles Danckwerts
Guy Rushmere
Murray Wilson
Matthew Royle
Charles Fleming
Anthony More
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Ford
Coaches: Andy Royle, Carl Bradfield

Kingswood First team:

Richie Rautenbach
Kamva Kalipa (C)
Joshua Von Holdt
Jordan Lombard
Loyd Dangazele
Jack Mills
Onika Mgijima
Athi Galada
Nick Lawson-Smith
Jarred Manus
Jeff Mutuku
Hilton Krige
Sandiso Charles (VC)
Abongile Klaas
Anele Makongolo
Coaches: Jonny Mallett, Murray Ranger

First Team Netball:

The first team netball captains from Kingswood, Yonela Bukula (Left), and St Andrew’s, Kendal Rose, look to go head to head in this year’s K-Day.
Photo: Supplied

DSG First team:

GS Sarah Stevenson
GA Tamara Jack
WA Mia Lion-Cachet (VC)
Vile Diko
WD Kendal Rose (C)
GD Josie Hickey
GK Babalwa Kleyi
Res Umtha Sibam
Res Genevieve Powell
Res Tyla Rose

Coaches: Sandra Marques, Cheryl Flanagan

Kingswood First team:

GS Tilabo Williamson
GA Amy Mills
WA Zinathi Mbenyana
Tatum Schwedhelm
WD Sara Keevy
GD Tami Labuschagne (VC)
GK Megan Rautenbach
Res Yonela Bukula (C)
Res Chichi Chona
Res Erin Meikle
Res Kelu Mutuku
Res Carina Kemp

Coach: Noma Bill, Liza-Mari Mclean

First Team Girls’ Hockey:

The first team hockey captains from DSG, Jenny du Toit (Left), and Kingswood, Kelly Biggs, look to go head to head in this year’s K-Day.
Photo: Supplied

DSG First team:

Sabine Renaud
Jayme Cunningham
Jenny Du Toit (C)
Nicky Ralston
Diana Dixie
Teagan Thompson
Kate Gregory
Alexandra Rohde
Torva Sharwood
Nina Owen-Jones
Gigi Pfaff (VC)
Kirsty McLean
Juliet Rogan
Annie Jones
Nikki Du Toit
Kelly Hobson

Coaches: Chris Hibbert, Shelley Stretton

Kingswood First team:

Lushana van Heerden
Kelly Biggs (C)
Taya Trivella
Bridget Mildenhall
Laura Wiegmann
Kirsty Wicks
Robyn Koch
Zinathi Mbenyana
Bianca de Klerk
Megan Du Preez
Pippa Stirk
Amy Mills
Tatum Schwedhelm (C)
Ciana Daniels
Naledi Mabusela

Coaches: Bevan Bennett, Carey de Coning

First Team Boys’ Hockey:

The first team hockey captains of St Andrew’s, Peter Jarvis (left), and Kingswood, Justin Potgieter, look to go head to head in this year’s K-Day.
Photo: Supplied

St Andrew’s First team:

Dan Erasmus
Cameron Lovemore
Nic Brotherton
Dan Stijkel
Peter Voges
Jurgens Swart
Josh Marx (VC)
Peter Jarvis (C)
Brad Landrey
Ryan Stoddart
Tom Russell
Brian Cordner
Warrick Leach
Joe Fisher
James Mullins
Tadeuz Orzechowski
Coaches: Gary Frayne, Alan Redfern

Kingswood First team:

Thomas Klopstra
James Kelly
Nicholas Wilmot (VC)
William Pieterse
Mvuyelwa Tyibilika
Aidan Meyer
Nicholas Lawson-Smith
Justin Potgieter (C)
Blaine Archibald
Matthew Pieterse
Jeff Mutuku
Jano Roux
Cameron Lombaard
Caleb Daniels
Liam O’Sullivan
Coach: Jason MacLachlan

All eight first team captains for the different sports look ready to tackle K-Day 2018. From left to right: Peter Jarvis (St Andrew’s), Kamva Kalipa (Kingswood), Jenny du Toit (DSG), Yonela Bukula (Kingswood), Alexander Menage (St Andrew’s), Kelly Biggs (Kingswood), Kendal Rose (DSG), and Justin Potgieter (Kingswood).
Photo: Supplied


Thursday 14 June:

Senior Boys’ Hockey


13h45 –  U14A

14h45 –  U16A

15h45 –  2nd XI

17h00 –  1st XI


14h45 – U16D

15h45 – U16C

City Lords

13h45 – U16B

14h45 –  3rd XI

15h45 – 4th XI


13h45 – U14C

15h45 – U14B

Friday 15 June

Prep Girls’ Netball

14h00 Prep Gr3 Grils C vs KC U9B/C | Prep Gr 1 FUN vs KC Gr 1 FUN
14h30 Prep Gr 2 Girls B vs KC U8B | Prep Gr 3 Girls B vs KC U9B
15h00 Prep Gr 3 Girls A vs KC U9A | Prep Gr 2 Girls A vs KC U8A

Junior Boys’ Hockey

11h30 Prep Gr2B v KC U8B | Prep Gr2A v KC U8A
12h00 Prep Gr3C v KC U8/U9C | Prep Gr3B v KC U9B
12h35 Prep Gr3A v KC U9A | Prep Colts B v KC U11B
13h15 Prep Colts A v KC U11A | Prep Colts C v KC U11C
13h50 Prep 4th XI v KC 4th XI
14h45 Prep 3rd XI v KC 3rd XI
15h35 Prep 5th XI v KC 5th XI
16h25 Prep 2nd XI v KC 2nd XI
17h15 Prep 1st XI v KC 1st XI

Junior Girls’ Netball

DSG Court 1

12h00 – 11A

12h40 – 12A

13h20 – 13A

DSG Court 2

12h00 – 12B

12h40 – 13B

13h20 – 11B

DSG Court 3

11h50 – 10B

12h15 – 10A

12h40 – DSG 11C/10C Mixed

13h20 DSG 13C/13D Mixed

Senior Girls’ Netball

DSG Court 1

14h00 – 3rds

14h40 – 14A

15h20 – 15A

16h00 – 16A

16h40 – 2nds

17h30 – 1sts

DSG Court 2

14h00 – 14B

14h40 – 14C

15h20 – 16B

16h00 – 15B

16h40 – 4ths

DSG Court 3

14h00 – 14D

14h40 – 16D

15h20 – 16C

16h00 – DSG 16E v KC 5ths

16h40 – DSG 14E v KC 14D

KC Court 1

13h20 – 15D
14h00 – 15C
14h40 – DSG 15F v KC 15D
15h20 – DSG 15E v KC 15C

Saturday 16 June

Junior Boys’ Rugby

Fairlawn A

08h30 – U9B

09h00 – U9A

09h50 – U13B

10h40 – U11A

11h30 – U13A

Fairlawn B

08h30 – Grade 2/3 Bondel – Prep / KC / Bedford

09h50 – U11B

10h40 – U13C

Senior Boys’ Rugby


09h00 – U15A

10h15 – 3rd XV

12h30 – U16A

13h45 – 2nd XV

15h00 – 1st XV

Knowling 1

09h00 – U14A

10h15 – U14B

12h30 – 4th XV

Knowling 2

12h30 – SAC 6th XV vs PAHS

13h45 – U15B

St Aidan’s

09h00 – SAC U16B vs PAHS

10h15 – SAC U15C vs PAHS

12h30 – SAC U16C TBC

13h45 – SAC 5th XV vs PAHS

Junior Girls’ Hockey


07h45 – U10A; SAP Gr3A vs KC U9A; SAP Gr2A vs KC U8A

08h20 – U11A & U11B

09h10 – U13A


08h20 – U13B

10h30 – U10B; SAP Gr3B vs KC U9B; SAP Gr2/3C vs KC U8B

City Lords

11h20 – DSG 13C v KC 13B

Grass 1

08h20 – DSG 13D/E internal

Grass 2

08h20 – DSG 10C/10D/11C internal

Senior Girls’ Hockey


10h00 – U14A
11h00 –  U16A
12h00 – 2nds
13h00 – GR 8 DANCE
13h20 – 1sts


08h00 – U14B

09h40 – U16B

11h00 – DSG 4s v KC 3s

11h50 – DSG 16C v KC 16B

City Lords

08h00 – 3rds

08h50 – DSG 16D v KC 16C

09h40 – DSG 4ths v KC 3rds

10h30 – DSG 16E v KC 16C

Grass 1

08h00 – DSG 16F v KC 16D

09h40 – DSG 14D v KC 16D

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