Mayor urges residents to clean up their act



Our Executive Mayor Cllr Nomhle Gaga is working on a number of initiatives to clean up Grahamstown. One of them is a clean-up campaign across the town targeting mostly illegal dumping sites.

Another initiative is the Biomass project which is carbon neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills or openly burned, etc. This project, once in full swing, will not only curb illegal dumping, it will also generate much needed revenue for the municipality.

The Executive Mayor is actively taking part in the clean-up campaigns as well. The Executive Mayor has urged all citizens to refrain from dumping rubbish around residential areas and make use of the services that are provided by the municipality to dispose of rubbish. The municipality collects domestic refuse once weekly and residents are urged to make use of this service for disposing of household refuse, instead of dumping illegally. The municipality has also identified legal dumping spots for garden refuse and we would like to call on residents to utilise these for disposing of garden refuse.

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