Sanctus at Spiritfest


By Samantha Carolus

Julia Skeen is bringing a walkabout with contemplative mediation accompanied by art work at Spiritfest this year.

The walkabout and meditation will take place in the Chapel of St Mary and All Angels situated on the  Rhodes University Campus. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Grahamstown which was built for the nuns of the Community of the Resurrection (CR) over a century ago. The fresco above the apse in the chapel was painted between 1924 and 1928, by Sr Margaret CR, who worked in a CR home for unmarried mothers in Queenstown. Skeen notes that, “The russet-brown brickwork of the chapel provides an earthy matrix for the blue and gold of the fresco and the flurry of white-winged angels. The architecture, building materials and the theme of the chapel draw on the small chapel in Assisi where St Francis is said to have heard angels singing.”

Throughout the walkabout and moments of meditation and silence, Skeen will discuss two of her own recent art works. A triptych which is situated to the right of the altar holds the Madonna in three different cultural settings – Palestinian, African and South American. Culturally specific symbols are incorporated into the oil-on-wood structure, made by Grahamstown cabinet-maker Eric Haarhoff, which will be explained by Skeen.

Festinos learn more about contemplative vision and experience a quiet place amidst the rush and bustle of the Festival. The session will include an introduction to the building and images followed by moments of meditation to respond fully to the images, followed by a period of feedback and discussion.  Be sure to join Skeen, on 30 June or 2 July at 12-12.50pm at the Chapel of St Mary and all Angels, Rhodes University.

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