Over-speeding on N2 near Grahamstown


Once again there has been an accident at the junction of the road exiting  Grahamstown  where it meets the N2. Cars speeding along the N2 seem unaware of traffic  joining the road from this spot. Traffic lights would be the answer but I understand that these are not put on main roads,  although Worcester in the Cape. has two such sets of lights.

At the very least warning signs could be put on the N2 on the approach into Grahamstown. I am appealing to the local traffic Department to have discussions with the National Roads Department  and to take urgent action. Some years ago two women were killed at this junction as they exited onto the main road and their car was hit by a car on the N2.

Let us not have any more accidents at this dangerous spot

Rosemary Smith

Sanral replies:

SANRAL acknowledges and shares the readers concerns.

The Grahamstown intersection indicated by the reader, will be reviewed under SANRAL’s Incident Management System which captures crashes and also utilises Network Safety Assessment software to determine hazardous locations on our network.

Using this system identified hazardous locations are reviewed to determine contributory factors and probable causes of crashes through either road safety assessments or audits. The outcome or recommendations of the assessment then inform short to long term interventions from an engineering, enforcement or road user education perspective.

If this intersection is found to pose serious or high risk, it will be investigated further and prioritised for enhanced safety measures.


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