Mandela Day Spayathon!


As part of Nelson Mandela Day, the SPCA’s and Ikhala’s joint objective in collaboration with the State Vet, prepared a sterilisation campaign which took place on 18 of July.

The aim for this first campaign was to sterilise a minimum of 50 dogs (and/or cats) over the course of the day.

The campaign was based at the Ikhala clinic and if we can, we will be repeating the process on a monthly basis in an effort to curb the numbers of stray dogs and cats in the region.

We in fact managed to sterilise 64 animals!

The campaign relied on countless volunteers, collaborations and funding from both the state and private sector.

We cannot thank all our contributors enough for everything they did and gave on the day.

The SPCA, Ikhala Vet clinic, the State Vet, and CCS are so grateful for all the help and donations given.

We would love to make this a long term, sustainable success!

We owe a huge debt of thanks to everyone that contributed. Unfortunately, individuals were too numerous to name individually but we are so very appreciative of all the help that was given and all the people that came in and gave their time for the community.

Nothing speaks of the Grahamstown spirit more than how many were willing to help in Madiba’s name!

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