‘Proper planning, good-quality services’


By Makana Municipality

Three weeks into his new job, the new Director of Public Safety and Community Services, Kelello Makgoka had a Q&A with the Communications team .

On origins

 Kelello Makgoka, I was born in Kimberley, Northern Cape.

On education profile 

I hold B-Tech Degree in Environmental Health and Specialised in Waste management, Water Quality management and Management Practice as major subjects;

On his previous job profile 

 I started my career in 2002 in the Eastern Cape Province, Cacadu District currently known as Sarah Baartman District. I worked as Environmental Health Practitioner for Kouga Municipality and later [was]appointed as Acting Manager Cleansing, Waste and Parks for Kouga Municipality.

In 2006 I was appointed by Sundays River Valley Municipality as Manager and I was responsible for Environmental health, Waste Management Department.In 2009 was appointed as Acting Director Community services, for a period of 4 years and 8 months and my key responsibility included overall management of:

  • Traffic Management services
  • Environmental health services
  • Fire & Disaster management services
  • Waste management services
  • Library services
  • Sports, public amenities i.e. cemeteries and sports fields.

During this period I have participated in the development of various departmental policies, by laws and management plans.

In 2014 I was appointed by Sarah Baartman District Municipality as Senior Manager Environmental Health Services, and I was responsible for management of the entire District Environmental Health and Environmental Management.

During this period I have developed District Quality Management Plan (AQMP), reviewed Integrated Waste Management Plans (IWMP) of local Municipalities under SBDM and Develop a Draft Climate Change Responses Plan.

2017 I was again appointed as Acting Director Infrastructure, planning and community services for a period of 9 months, key responsibilities overall Infrastructure of:

  • Project Management Unit
  • Water service unit unit
  • IDP unit
  • Fire and Disaster management unit
  • Environmental management of Environmental health.

On his priorities based on observations of Makana

I joined Makana Municipality on the 2 July 2018. My main priorities are to ensure:

  • Proper integrated waste management planning and Implementation.
  • Ensure that Makanda City/Grahamstown, Alicedale, Riebeeck East and surrounding areas receive good quality services
  • Develop and Implement proper animal control strategy that will deal with the stray animals in and around town.
  • Ensure proper administration systems are in place.
  • Forge links and partnership with various Departments, NGO’s, Sports fraternity, Business Community and Institutions of higher learning.
  • Develop a departmental revenue enhancement strategy.


  • On the challenges facing the Directorate of Public Safety and Community Services

The main challenges facing the directorate are insufficient budget to cover departmental operations such as tools of trade, equipment’s etc; mechanical breakdown, repairs of fleet [vehicles; and] shortage of staff in key sections.

On first impressions of Grahamstown as a city and its people

The City has a great potential to be the best town and [it]has great people.



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