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I think some clarity is needed to help the staff at the SPCA, we are not responsible for stray or street dogs, not because we don’t care but because we do not have the manpower or the finances to deal with it. The people responsible for the collection and management of Stray and Street Animals are in accordance with the by-laws, the Makana Municipality. If a member of the public finds a stray animal they need to first check if the dog has a collar and an ID tag. If the dog has an ID tag and is approachable, check the ID tag and if there is a phone number, phone the owner, they most probably live around the corner. If the animal has a SPCA ID tag it will have the SPCA’s number on it and you can phone us to trace the owner. We have countless calls about stray animals that have collars and ID tags with phone numbers and the caller asks us to phone the owner. Please phone the owner straight away – this saves time and causes less stress for the animal. If there is no collar or ID tag please contact the Municipal Parks Department on 046 603 6072 or out of hours on 046 622 4444 or the person can assist by bringing the stray animal to the SPCA

For more information and or advice on animal care, please do not hesitate to contact the Grahamstown SPCA or one of the friendly vets in town.

For any animal related emergencies and or queries please contact the Grahamstown SPCA on 0466223233 or the Emergency Cell on 0648208496 or one of the vets below:

Grahamstown Veterinary Practice on Fitzroy Street, Tel: 046 622 6743

Ikhala Veterinary Practice on Strowan Road, Tel: 046 622 3261

The State Vet on George Street, Tel:  046 622 7112

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For more information, advice or guidance, to report cruelty and or details on how you can donate to help us with the work we are doing in your community, please contact the Grahamstown SPCA on 046 622 3233 or e-mail us at spcaght@gmail.com.

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