GBS Mountain Drive Training Programme – Week 12


With one week to go before the GBS Mutual Bank Mountain Drive Half Marathon, here is the twelfth week of Grocott’s Mail’s 12-week training programme, created by Terri-Lynn Penney:

Week 12
Monday easy 8km
Tuesday 15min warm up
4km TT
Wednesday easy 10km
Thursday easy 8km
Friday rest
Saturday easy 16km(over the mountain )
Sunday easy 6km recovery

Terri-Lynn Penney is a local triathlete, having great success around the province, nationally and internationally. Having recently completed her 14th Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, Grocott’s Mail asked Penney for her go-to training programme for a 21km. With the GBS Mutual Bank Mountain Drive Half Marathon just 12 weeks away, Grocott’s Mail is ready to see our readers reach the finish line.

Penney is a personal trainer and boot-camp instructor, for more information please contact her at 083 504 7940.

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