New VW Touareg is hi-tech packed


The new Volkswagen Touareg. Photo: Supplied


The new flagship takes a top position in the premium class SUV segment with its expressive design, its innovative operating, convenience and safety systems, as well as the high quality of its materials and craftsmanship.  Worldwide sales of the previous two generations amount to nearly one million units. The Touareg, as comfortable as it is dynamic, is the most technically advanced Volkswagen of its era.

  • The new Touareg is the most technologically advanced Volkswagen model of its era.
  • The third generation Touareg makes a bold statement on design, technology, handling and comfort.
  • With the “Innovision Cockpit” of the Touareg, Volkswagen has designed an interior for the future.
  • A fusion of assistance, comfort and driving dynamics systems allow for a new level of safety and performance.
  • Lighter and bigger: The aluminium-steel body of the new Touareg weighs 106 kg less and the luggage compartment has an additional 113 litres.
  • Success story: Around one million Touareg SUVs sold to date.

Equipped with connectivity for the modern era as well as a pioneering fusion of assist, comfort, light and infotainment systems, the all-rounder leads the way into the future. With the progressively designed Touareg, Volkswagen offers a model whose “Innovision Cockpit” is already providing the blueprint for the digital interior of tomorrow. The close integration of the assist systems bring a new level of safety and comfort; challenging situations like driving through narrow motorway construction sites are made easier using automatic driving functions if required. In parallel, new running gear systems such as 4-wheel steering provide a level of agility that sets standards in the Touareg segment.

The information of the head-up display (windshield head-up display) is projected directly onto the windscreen without looking away from the road. The head-up display (windshield head-up display) is projected directly onto the windscreen with the following:

  • Current driving speed
  • Speed limiter
  • Navigation information
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Assist
  • Side Assist

The new Touareg is one of the safest and most comfortable cars in the world. The broad range of its driver assist system contributes to this. The driver assist system includes a Night Vision system, Trailer Assist, Park Assist, Rear View, Mirror Setting; Display in the Cockpit; How to Manoeuvre; . Multi-collision Brake (to avoid the 25% accidents that occur after the actual first accident); Light Systems (that include 128 LEDs per headlight and intelligent functions for city driving, overtaking, highway drive,  poor weather driving and sign glare control).

The 3.0 TDI V6 engine outputs 190 kW of power between 3,250 and 4,250 rpm. This common rail turbodiesel engine with 2,967 cm³ displacement develops a strong 600 Newton- metres torque from 2,250 rpm – 3,250 rpm.

The new Touareg retail price (VAT and emissions tax included)

3.0 V6 TDI 190kW (Luxury)                    R999 800

3.0 V6 TDI 190kW (Executive)                R1 088 200

The new Touareg comes standard with a 5 year/100 000km Maintenance Plan, 3 year/120 000km warranty, 12-year anti-corrosion warranty and space saver spare wheel. Service Interval is 15 000km.

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