Hero of the Week: Nwabisa “Lhasie” Tyelbooi



As part of the Women’s Month celebrations, this week’s Hero is veteran soccer star, Nwabisa ‘Lhasie’ Tyelbooi.

Tyelbooi started playing football in 1997 and has never looked back. She started as a right winger, using her pace to terrorise opponents but later changed to a centre foward where she also made a mark. She has scored many important goals in her career and says it would be difficult for her to single out any of them.

Tyelbooi is a two times recepient of the leading goal scorer of the season award and player of the season award. She is currently in Gauteng with the Eastern Cape side in the SAPS national championships.

“I love football and I have played it for as long as I can remember and it has kept me out of trouble,” said Tyelbooi.

She also had an important message: “I would like all women to play sport and to know that they can play any sport of their choice. Gone are the days when the women’s place was only in the kitchen and I would also like to encourage women to report any kind of abuse and break the silence.”

Tyelbooi is one of many women who are flying the Grahamstown (Makhanda) flag high in sport despite their  humble beginnings. She is living proof that no matter how or where one grew up, through hard work and determination one can become whatever you want to be.

Nwabisa “Lhasie” Tyelbooi  is ready to tussle with men-dominated world of soccer.
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