Local dojos to celebrate Women’s month with free classes


In celebrating Women’s Month, Grocotts Mail, East Cape Shotokan-Ryu and Joza Karate Club have teamed-up to offer free karate lessons for girls (7yrs and older) and women. The classes will be focused on highlighting the benefits of the practice of karate-do for both girls and women, as well as featuring local female karate practitioners.

Kayleigh Chamberlain, Ladies Brown and Black Belt Senior Kata and Kumite Winner at a recent competition over the past weekend.
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The free classes will run from Monday, 13 August until Thursday, 13 September. In Grahamstown (Makhanda), classes will be offered at Rhodes University Shotokan Karate Club, ECSR’s Hill St Dojo and Joza Indoor Sports Centre, as well as at Kenton on Sea (Kenton Primary School), Port Alfred (Girl Guide Hall) and Alicedale. An over 45’s class will also be offered in Grahamstown and Port Alfred.

While karate-do has its origins on the Japanese island of Okinawa, it has since spread throughout the world. It transcends culture, age, gender, body-type, athleticism, race, religion, politics and socio-economic class.

Non-practitioners often associate karate-do with Hollywood-type action movies and gratuitous violence, while others may view it primarily as a sport. However, true Karate-do is a discipline for both mind and body and benefits children and adults of all ages and body-types. Consistent practice strengthens the entire body while simultaneously encouraging the development of self-discipline and good character. In addition to being an effective and practical form of self-defense, karate is also an excellent form of exercise. It improves self-confidence, coordination, concentration and focus, and promotes a positive attitude and a healthy way of life. In today’s society karate-do has a meaningful and empowering role to play in the lives of young girls and women.

Joleen Poultney (Kingswood), Girls 6 & 7yrs Kata Winner at a recent competition over the past weekend.
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TO RSVP your place in our free classes, please contact Gary Grapentin at garyg@geenet.co.za. As venue space is limited, the offer will be on a first come, first served basis.

The Ladies Winners of the Sunshine Coast Karate Open (SCKO) Championships. From left to right: Gary Grapentin (SCKO organiser), Tanya De Villiers, Kayleigh Chamberlain, Michelle Du Plessis (all Port Elizabeth) and Ashley Palm (Fish River Resort GM).
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Megan Spriggs (PE) (Left), Tyreece Burger (Grahamstown) (Middle) and Juanne Van Zyl (PE) after their category at the recently held SCKO Karate Championships at the Fish River Resort.
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