New spinning area in Soweto


Gauteng’s newest spinning arena is set to stun crowds and produce engine-roaring entertainment when it launches tomorrow (25 August) at GOG Gardens in Protea Glen, Soweto. The Jeff James Spin Hub is a brand new 400 square-metre arena that is to become the official home of spinning in Soweto, named after the spinning legend himself.

The new arena is the brainchild of Tim Hogins, CEO of the GOG Group of Companies and Jeff James, who saw the value in building a bespoke spinners arena at the popular GOG Gardens Park. The arena is yet another venue within the 17-hectare, multi-purpose facility and Hogins believes it will heighten the entertainment factor.

“Spinning is such a popular and entertaining sport in South Africa but there is still a negative stigma attached to it. This new arena is going to turn the negative into positive and give fans and spinners alike a place to call home.”

The arena features seating areas, food and drink outlets and safety marshals in addition to the myriad other entertainment facilities at GOG Gardens, Soweto. It’s ideally situated in a safe and secure environment, off the public streets. For Jeff James, this is a big highlight, noting that “spinning has for years been considered by some to be an unsafe street sport…Now people can spectate in a new environment where families and kids can be safely entertained.”

Visitors can expect maximum revs, smoking tyres and skillful stunts from a host of cars. including a troop of E30 BMWs (325i and 325iS).

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