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As the nation celebrates women and their place in South Africa, Grocotts Mail, East Cape Shotokan-Ryu and Joza Karate Club have teamed-up to offer free karate lessons for girls (seven years and older) and women. In this spirit, focus and appreciation must be given to the women that have been practicing karate for some time.

Nolusindiso Yakeni

Joza Karate Club’s Nolusindisu Yakeni embodies what discipline and hard work can achieve, with great form and technique.
Photo: Stephen Kisbey-Green

After training for 14 years, Nolusindiso Yakeni has earned her brown belt at just 20 years old. Yakeni believes that karate is empowering for women. “There are bullies and men that abuse women,” said Yakeni, “so karate can help us to defend ourselves.”

Despite never having needed to use anything that she has learned in the dojo, Yakeni admits that she definitely feels better to know that she is prepared for anything.

Yakeni believes that Grahamstonians should make use of the free classes for women offered at the New Indoor Sports Center in Joza. “You learn discipline. In schools, students can be rude to teachers, but here, you learn to respect each other.”

She urges women in and around the Joza community to take advantage of these free classes for Women’s Month.

TO RSVP your place in the free classes, please contact Gary Grapentin at garyg@geenet.co.za. As venue space is limited, the offer will be on a first come, first served basis.

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