Celebrate nature with a photo – and stand a chance to win a prize!


Next time you take a walk in your neighbourhood and something lovely or amazing catches your eye, why not catch it with your camera or phone and stand a chance of winning a prize for your effort!

Grocott’s Mail is proud to be a partner in Wessa EasternCape‘s #CelebrateNaturalHeritage photography competition. Take out that camera, cellphone or tablet and get snapping!

This Heritage Day, WESSA is celebrating and giving thanks for our amazing natural heritage – our natural environment.

Whether that be a glimpse of the sky through the grasses of the veld; the spectacular winter sunsets and sunrises we see each day; a garden bird caught in its daily life; or the beautiful game we find in the surrounding reserves: we are looking for your one ultimate vision of what makes you delight in your natural environmental heritage.

Join in the conversation by sharing your best natural heritage photos across social media using the phrase #CelebrateNaturalHeritage. Each week we’ll pick our favourites to be featured.

Entries fall into 1 of 3 categories:

Free entry. 1 Entry per Person.

Free entry. 1 Entry per Person.

R250 per entry. Maximum of 3 entries.

Submit your official entry by downloading the competition entry forms for your category and sending them along with your hi-res photo to editor@grocotts.co.za

CLOSING DATE: 14 September 2018.

SCHOLAR ENTRY FORM: https://bit.ly/2ORidi7

AMATEUR ENTRY FORM: https://bit.ly/2Ol0xub

PROFESSIONAL ENTRY FORM: https://bit.ly/2OjueM4

TERMS & CONDITIONS: https://bit.ly/2KAgiLv

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