Director to face misconduct charges


Makana Municipality’s suspended Infrastructure and Technical Services Director Dali Mlenzana will be subjected to a disciplinary hearing, with the outcome expected by the end of November 2018. Mlenzana faces charges of misconduct for alleged financial and administrative irregularities. He was placed on precautionary suspension on 25 July pending an independent investigation.

This followed a seven-day period allowing him to make written representation why he should not be suspended. Sources said Mlenzana had submitted substantial documentation to this end, with detailed motivations as to why the allegations were unfair and unfounded, accusing those behind the process of a witch-hunt.

Five initial allegations of misconduct were contained in a document seen by Grocott’s Mail. Four related to alleged supply chain irregularities and the fifth concerned an alleged unauthorised salary increase for a senior Makana official. It is understood that these allegations form the basis for the charges Mlenzana now faces in terms of the Municipal Systems Act’s Disciplinary Regulations for Senior Managers.

Makana spokesperson Yoliswa Ramokolo, asked to explain the status and possible outcome of the hearing, said there was a prima facie case against Mlenzana.

“This is what will be tested in a disciplinary hearing,” Ramokolo said. “We can’t predict the outcome: that will depend on how the case is set out, and how well the Director defends himself.”

Ramokolo said the council had taken the resolution to charge Mlenzana during a confidential special council meeting on 22 August.

Meanwhile, Public Safety and Community Services Director Kelello Makgoka continues to serve as acting director of Infrastructure and Technical Services.

Municipal Manager Moppo Mene confirmed this week that interviews for a chief financial officer would be conducted on 6 September, with an appointment expected within three months.


Precautionary suspension

According to the Municipal Systems Act:

(1) The municipal council may suspend a senior manager on full pay if it is alleged that the senior manager has committed an act of misconduct, where the municipal council has reason to believe that:

(a) the presence of the senior manager at the workplace may (i) jeopardise any investigation into the alleged misconduct; (ii) endanger the well-being or safety of any person or municipal property; or (iii) be detrimental to stability in the municipality; or (b) the senior manager may (i) interfere with potential witnesses; or (ii) commit further acts of misconduct.

(2) Before a senior manager may be suspended, he or she must be given an opportunity to make a written representation to the municipal council why he or she should not be suspended, within seven [7] days of being notified of the council’s decision to suspend him or her.

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