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Why not take a trip to Riebeeck East on Saturday 29 September and have a look at the village’s historic church while you’re there? NG dominee Strauss de Jager talks about some of the things you could see on the trip.

*In the picture are, from left to right:  Gavin Blamire, Doep du Preez (Gavin’s right hand man), Ds Strauss de Jager and David Jansen. Photo: Supplied

It is never easy to maintain these old buildings, but the people of Riebeeck East are taking amazing initiatives to do what they can. Some money was earmarked some time ago for work on  the beautiful old church which was built in 1862. A year or two ago the roof was painted, and last year new gutters were installed on the church and church hall. An anchor system was installed last year too, to stop the front wall of the hall from moving away.

At the present moment, finishing touches are being done on a project to repaint the interior of the church. A new caretaker ”koster” for the church, Gavin Blamire, has just been appointed and he and a team of energetic volunteers nudged the project towards a beautiful fresh new inner life. Gavin and his wife recently retired in Riebeeck after a career in book-printing and media work in different countries in Southern Africa. Gavin and his wife Ruth Blamire became involved with the church and also started a care group for church buildings and grounds maintenance, even before he was appointed to the post. You may contact Gavin on 078 746 0783 or email lesikagrab@gmail.com .

The paint contractor was David Jansen, a local resident. He has done a sterling job. There is quite a list of other challenges to be tackled, and it seems energy is being steadily generated among this positive group of people.


The wheels are slowly grinding into motion for the bazaar at Riebeeck East which will be on Saturday 29 September at 11am. I am still considering a suitable target and challenge around that!


ROAD SIGNS: A set of four road signs has been designed and made by Signs Unlimited and sponsored by the Rapportryers. Members of the Traffic Department technical team collected them and will install them in due course on the road to Bedford at the turn-off to Strowan Road, and in Strowan Road itself.

REMAINING BRONZE PLAQUE: The bronze plaque which was not vandalised, has been attached to the back wall inside the NG Kerk, after consulting with different interested parties and organisations (including the Grahamstown Historical Society, and 1820 Settlers’ Association).

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