Provincial choral music competition plans


The Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSRAC) MEC Bulelwa Tunyiswa has praised two prominent Eastern Cape music associations for reaching agreement on promoting choral music in the province.

In a recent meeting with DSRAC. the Eastern Cape Choral Music Association, (ECCMA) and Guild of Choral and Indigenous Music Practitioners in Eastern Cape (GCIMP-EC), decided on:

  • Advancing plans to host the annual OR Tambo Choral Music Competitions in the first
    week of December 2018 and that all Provincial choirs will participate irrespective of
  • DSRAC must drive the OR Tambo Provincial Choral Music Competition this year,
    working with the Task Team that constitutes representatives from both choral music
    associations, up to the final stage of the event.
  • A workshop/ seminar on both prescriptions (GCIMP-EC and ECCMA syllabus) will be held
    not later than the first week of October 2018, choirs from both organisations will benefit.
  • Lastly, build-ups in the form of eliminations must take place in all districts within the
    month of October 2018

“It is encouraging to see a willingness to work and cooperate with each other in promoting this musical heritage of our Province through Choral Music,” said Tunyiswa. “We are enthused with the steps we have decided to take in promoting this musical heritage in our Province.”

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