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I wish to speak to the fact that policemen and women do face some difficulty in their duty especially during the festive season. I wish to reflect on the fact that these officers had to be involved in picking people up from the streets at night who had a day of entertainment and had too many drinks so that they are not able to walk.

One night last year I had to pick someone up from the street who had too many drinks over the limit. But, she was so heavy I could no pick her up especially because it was a rainy day and she was drowning in the water and the cold. I decided to go and seek help at the Joza police department around nine in the evening. I had to talk to the Warrant Officer who was heading somewhere, who promised me that he was coming back soon, which he did. After waiting he came back to tell me that he had to pick up two people who were lying down on the streets in different spots and take them home.

To my surprise. I had come to seek help for the same thing he was coming from doing. The Warrant Officer agreed with his Captain to come help me fetch and transport this person I was seeking to help. He was accompanied by another officer and was willing to lift and hold this person with her hands, as wet as they were, and we had to walk in the mud while the other officer seemed to be scared to even touch this woman. We eventually took her to her boyfriend who was asleep, he seemed to not know that anything was happening, apparently he was also under the influence of alcohol .

I found that while the police vans could not be found for urgent reasons, the police had to constantly transport people who are under the influence of alcohol.

I felt ashamed for the policeman like the Warrant -Officer, I wish that God may assist people like him and others, as I witnessed true commitment and dedication to their duty. We really have people who are sincerely CHOSEN for the JOB.

Indeed many are called but few are chosen!

from Makhaya Mzongwana-Plaatjie. (853 xt 6 ,Grahamstown)

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