Raw sewage, not in my yard!


Dear Mayor Gaga,

We have alerted municipal officials on several occasions overt the past few weeks about raw sewage spilling out into our yards on Woods Street (eMazizini).
As we speak, at No 5 Wood Street we have open raw sewage guzzling out of the ground right outside of the kitchen.
You can imagine what kind of horrendous conditions this has created right in our home.
Several homes on that street are literally flooded with faeces, pads, toilet paper, and all this is apparently because of the current project down on Jacob Zuma Drive.
How long are we expected to live with this unhealthy, terrible and hazardous situation?
How many of you would like to walk out of the kitchen into puddles of faeces right on your doorstep?
Our children and animals are not safe right in the yard.
Will we be compensated as ratepayers for this situation?
If there is no attention to this situation within a week I will be seeking my legal rights. This is a health hazard.
Naledi Mkhize
5 Wood Street
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