‘It starts in your own back yard’


(Centre) Mayor Nomhle Gaga and (Left) Ward Councilor Ramie Xonxa, accompany CWP members and community members. Photo: Lindani Donyeli

Mayor Nomhle Gaga attended the Ethembeni clean-up campaign. Photo: Lindani Donyeli

This week, Makana Mayor Nomhle Gaga and Ward 2 councillor Ramie Xonxa embarked on a clean-up in Joza around the Ethembeni Old Age Home together with the Community Works Programme (CWP). This is part of a clean-up campaign that the Mayor started in August.

During these campaigns the Mayor requests that people staying around the area and using the illegal dumping sites stop dumping in those areas. The municipality refuse truck collects refuse on a weekly basis, the Mayor said, and residents are urged to take out their refuse during their scheduled days.

“We are aware that residents have been complaining about the non-delivery of black refuse bags. Refuse bags are now available and are delivered to each household. If the house owner has tenants it is the responsibility of the owner to get refuse bags for their tenants, not the municipality,” said Gaga.

“The community must take responsibility for their areas to clean up their dirtiness. It all begins by cleaning your own yard.”

“We have a programme [called]‘Thuma Mina’ and we are running it from my office,” said the Mayor.  “It gives me the opportunity to be with the community. From next week they will be fixing water leaks. It is important for the community to clean up their areas – and that does not cost them a cent,” she said.

Gaga stated that they have solved the problem of water contamination and encouraged community members to report water leaks and pay rates.

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