Puppy and Kitten season


SPCA Tip of the Week 37,

Puppy and Kitten season is now once again upon us and we at the SPCA are seeing more and more unwanted puppies. Please don’t separate a mum and her puppies/kittens before 6 – 8 weeks as they need their mum’s milk for the nutrients, her protection and they are still learning life skills from her. They are too young to be alone before that. Also seriously consider sterilizing your animal to prevent unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. There are planned community spay days coming up and various ways we can assist people in getting this done.

For more information and or advice on animal care, please do not hesitate to contact the Grahamstown SPCA or one of the friendly vets in town.

Ikhala Veterinary Practice on Strowan Road, 046 622 3261

The State Vet on George Street, 046 622 7112

Grahamstown Veterinary Practice on Fitzroy Street, 046 622 6743

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Next week please join us with your dog if you so wish at the “The Annual Rapportryers – Hoërskool PJ Olivier Fun Run”. It starts at 17:30 and is a 5km Fun Run which costs R20 to enter for Adults and R15 for children, with all monies raised supporting your SPCA.

 For more information, advice or guidance, to report cruelty and or details on how you can donate to help us with the work we are doing in your community, please contact the Grahamstown SPCA on 046 622 3233 or e-mail us at spcaght@gmail.com.

For any animal related emergencies and or queries please contact the Grahamstown SPCA on 0466223233 or the Emergency Cell on 0648208496

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