Young entrepreneurs make the grade



George Dickerson Primary School was thrumming with music overlaid with the happy yells of its learners on the morning of Friday 14 September. It was their Grade 7 annual Entrepreneur’s Day.

The George Dickerson 7A class get ready for the start of their entrepreneurs day on Friday 14 September. 
Photo: Sarah Connock

The three Grade 7 classes organised and advertised their own stalls which contributed to the funds for their farewell and their efforts are also assessed for their Economic Management Sciences (EMS) class. “All the grade sevens contribute,” explained Lindy Knock, the Grade 7 EMS teacher.

“They bring stuff and they need to work out what profit they are going to make through selling and that coincides with the EMS subject,” added Malcolm Douglas, the school’s headmaster. “They learn how to become an entrepreneur, the planning that goes around it,” said Knock, listing all of the benefits of hosting such a day.

Posters sprinkled the walls, advertising the wares of each class. The learners got creative and offered popular snacks like apple munch, chips and vetkoek, as well as face painting. As soon as their break began, learners from other grades flooded the quad, bunching around the stalls or waiting in lengthy lines to get their faces painted. A few Grade 7 learners even walked around the school grounds advertising the stall and selling some of the products.

The learners’ excitement was palpable and throughout the break they danced to the music emanating from the second floor but for the teachers, the best part was the formation of cohesive groups for the project. “To see the teamwork, that’s just great to see,” said Knock.

George Dickerson’s Grade 7B class selling their wares at their entrepreneurs day on Friday 14 September 
Photo: Sarah Connock

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