My Great Big Makhanda Holiday PLUS Back to School


This Festive Season, perhaps Makhanda is the place you have to be. But we think that with the beach and game reserves on our doorstep, hiking and mountain biking trails on the surrounding hills and the New Year’s Cup soccer tournament providing two weeks of great sporting entertainment – all in the company of the Eastern Cape’s coolest and most resilient people – it’s also the place you want to be.

To make sure family and friends visiting you during the holidays want to come back, we’re publishing My Great Big Makhanda Holiday – a guide to having the best time in and around our city.

My Great Big Makhanda Holiday will be packed with ideas and advice for where to go (day trips and some affordable overnights), where to eat out (plus some fantastic recipes you can try out at home), gift ideas that support the local economy and are Green to boot, festive season safety for you and your home (including a list of must-have emergency contact numbers), water safety for kids (plus how to deal with heat and water outages) and how to manage the Festive Season cash crunch. We’ll also be speaking to a psychologist about how to deal with the loneliness that some people experience over Christmas. For teenagers and young people, we’ll be speaking to some experts about relationships and lifestyle choices.


Oh – and because the holidays are so short this year (9 January is back to school can you believe it!) parents are making an early start on uniforms and stationery. Expect price comparisons on basic uniforms and stationery plus some early bird specials and lucky prizes!

My Great Big Makhanda Holiday is the best and biggest handbook to thriving (and sometimes just surviving!) the holidays. Get it in our 7 December 2018 edition. If you’d like to advertise in this use-and-keep guide, please contact Thabang Booi. Email or call 046 603 7111/ 079 199 8282

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