Local NGOs commit to collaboration


Local civil society organisations that attended a recent NGO workshop held at the National English Literary Museum have committed to work together more closely to achieve greater impact in Makhanda/Grahamstown.

The workshop was convened by a funder, the HCI Foundation, to share and celebrate good practice, encourage collaboration, and emphasise monitoring and evaluation.

Of the 31 HCI-funded NGOs that attended the workshop, nine are based in Makhanda/Grahamstown. They affirmed their commitment to working together to provide essential services in the face of funding shortages and the breakdown of many public services due to corruption, mismanagement, and patronage.

At the workshop, NGOs were encouraged to make use of programme data collected to inform programme design, refinement, and implementation.

In their evaluation of the workshop, participants expressed the need for more funder-driven capacity building workshops and urged funders to consider providing funding and training in monitoring and evaluation.

Workshop organiser Malusi Mtoyapi said: “The workshop has given organisations an opportunity to reflect on how they have been working and how their work can be more sustainable and effective. Many organisations have indicated that they will do something about what they learned from the workshop.”

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Grahamstown organisations that attended, and/or get involved in their programmes, here are some contact details:

  • Amaphiko (Youth dance project): Wendy Stamper wstamper04@gmail.com 0790726677
  • Gadra Education (Gadra Matric School and Whistle Stop School): Dr Ashley Westaway ashley@gadraed.co.za 046 6224837
  • amaTrac Uluntu (Donkey owner skills development): Michelle Griffiths mgaigr@gmail.com 0732091625
  • Village Scribe Association (ICT training and Open Lab at the Joza Youth Hub): Kjetil Torp kjetil@villagescribe.org 0848284700
  • Umthathi Training Project (Food security and development): Monica Canca monica@umthathi.org 046 6370012 / 0837462073
  • Ubunye Foundation (Rural development): Katy Pepper katy@ubunyefoundation.co.za 046 6227896 / 0714833194
  • Rhodes University Maths Education Project: Tom Penlington t.penlington@ru.ac.za 046 6037294 / 0828099062
  • ICD Trust/Lebone Centre (Early childhood development and literacy): Cathy Gush gushcathy@gmail.com 0748859206
  • Upstart Media Development Project (Youth media development): Sindi Dingana upstartyouth3@gmail.com 0789393449
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