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This year has seen South Africa striving and scrambling to emerge from the dark years of the Zuma presidency.

Given the vast extent of the looting of public resources and the decimation of institutional capacity, it is not surprising that it has been an uphill battle. Economic growth has ground to a halt, unemployment continues to rise and increasing numbers of families are falling into severe poverty.

In this difficult context, it is crucial that we all prioritise the education of our children and youth. And so Gadra Education is more relevant today than ever, as it advocates for the strengthening of public education. It was wonderful for all involved with Gadra to celebrate its 60th anniversary in August. The occasion provided a unique opportunity to reflect on its far-reaching contributions across the length and breadth of this locality over the past six decades.

The organisation would not exist were it not for the support of the Grahamstown/ Makhanda community. Gadra Education hereby acknowledges the generous financial support of the following local businesses, institutions and individuals: GBS Mutual Bank, Masikhulisane Trust, The Loseby Trust, Geoff and Margie Antrobus, Cathy Birkinshaw, Rosalie Breitenbach, John Ebden, Matheus Louw, Catriona Macleod, Christopher and Lesley McQuaid, Mike and Sue Marais, Sally Matthews, Carl and Fiona Meihuizen, Peta Myers, Ken Ngcoza, Les Roberts, Hilary Saunders, Yvonne Scheepers, Charlie Shackleton, Pat Terry, Angie Thomson, Joan Valentine and other  members of the Valentine family, Peter and Sue Wentworth, Lise Westaway and all others who have given but prefer to remain anonymous.

Further, the organisation wishes to thank all volunteers from Rhodes University who gave so generously of their time and energy over the course of the year. This year, five of these volunteers Adam Butler, Heather Dixon, Claire Mccann, Unathi Mabukane and Thandiswa Nqowana, received Gold Awards for Excellence in Community Engagement from the university. Gadra Education is governed by a competent and committed Main Committee; all of its members serve voluntarily. They deliver an outstanding service to the organisation. Special thanks go to the Chairperson of the Committee Ken Ngcoza and its Treasurer Margie Keeton.

Finally, the organisation thanks all parents of learners at the Gadra Matric School who have made sacrifices in order to pay tuition fees. We are hoping for a strong set of end-of-year examination results and look forward to an even brighter 2019.

Ashley Westaway, Gadra Education Manager

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