Fish River Journey begins


On Thursday 15 November the Grade 10 pupils from St Andrew’s College and Diocesan School for Girls gathered on Lower Field to start their ‘Journey’ – a twenty-one-day expedition following the Fish River from its source to its mouth at the coast.

During their journey, the pupils will traverse about 330km by means of hiking, cycling, canoeing and running. They carry everything they need for the journey themselves and have to deal with whatever adverse weather conditions come their way. Every young person faces challenges of some sort or another during their journey and they are exposed to calculated risks, but they are helped to conquer their fears and overcome their perceived limitations.

An important component of the journey every year is some form of engagement with the local communities.

The Fish River Journey has become iconic: this unique experience will test the pupils mentally, physically and emotionally, but during Journey, new friendships will be forged, a strong sense of community will develop and pupils will find reserves they did not know they had. Very few pupils ever return without admitting to having been changed but also having had the best experience of their lives.

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