Thousands at risk of no January grants


SASSA beneficiaries who still use the old white SASSA card should get the new gold SASSA card as soon as possible, but no later than 15 December 2018. The old card will expire on 30 December 2018 and SASSA will not be able to deposit any payments for January into these cards, according to a statement from the SA Post Office.

According to SASSA, there are approximately 109 000 SASSA beneficiaries in the Eastern Cape
who have not yet switched to the new gold SASSA card.

“Getting the new gold SASSA card is simple,” the Post Office said. “Visit any SASSA local office or Post Office branch, present an identity document and you will be issued with the new card within minutes.”

Special arrangements are made for disabled beneficiaries who cannot visit a post office. These
beneficiaries (or their relatives) should call the SASSA toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 to arrange
for a home visit.

The new gold card offers one free cash withdrawal per month over a Post Office counter and
unlimited free swipes at all retailers to pay for purchases.

It is necessary to use your PIN when swiping your card at a retailer, but the SA Post Office also
caters for beneficiaries who are not comfortable using a PIN. These beneficiaries can present their
ID document to make a withdrawal inside the Post Office branch using biometric authentication
instead of PIN to withdraw funds.

“The partnership between SAPO and SASSA has freed millions of social grants beneficiaries from
unauthorised and unwanted deductions, as the new gold Sassa card does not allow any illegal
deductions,” the Post Office said.

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