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On Tuesday 30 October at approximately 7pm I was driving up Albany Road, passing Cassels Funeral home on the corner of Thumbler Street. I saw a sparking electrical cable falling from the street lines right in front of my car and the wind blew it underneath the car.

I immediately stopped the car and got out to see if it was safe to drive further. Terrified, I saw the cable hooked on to my car. Being the only person in the street, dark as it was, you can imagine my emotional condition at that point.

Luckily I saw an oncoming municipality vehicle. I stopped them, they just drove on like nothing happened. A few minutes later a police van came, I tried to stop them and they also carried on driving without even looking back.

I stood there in a panic, thinking what now? Then two young passers-by helped me pull out the cable with a wooden stick.

I’m afraid to think what could’ve happened that night if it wasn’t for those boys.

Thanks a million, guys! i must say I’m disappointed in those two important vehicles.

M. Ceasar

It is important that members respond to people in distress, however given the current risk and danger to police, wherein the objective is to relieve them of their firearms, police will only stop after a careful assessment of the situation. It would have been courteous if these officers had stopped.
In the situation presented where electric cables are falling from light poles, it would be advisable in these circumstances to phone the relevant emergency services for assistance.
We are indeed happy to hear that the ordeal had a happy ending.
The community are once again urged to keep emergency numbers at hand.
The Emergency Management Service (EMS) which includes ambulance service and national fire departments is 10177.
The number 112 can be called from any cell phone in case of an emergency. You will be transferred to the relevant emergency service.
The SAPS can be also contacted on 10111.
For more information on fire and electrical safety tips please contact the local fire chief. – Police spokesperson Captain Mali Govender

Makana Municipality had not yet responded by the time of publishing.

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