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Many Makhanda (Grahamstown) residents and businesses rely on Hi-Tec Security to protect their premises when they’re away. Hi-Tec Security’s operating hours remain the same throughout the festive season, says manager Andre Wille, who offers the following tips for householders going away for the holidays:

🔴 Update key holder details (for example, if someone is house sitting for you). Ensure that your address and contact details are up to date on Hi-Tec’s database, especially if you have recently moved or changed phone numbers. Contact details can be updated at reception, during office hours (bring identification). Hi-Tec also recommends that you contact their control room on 046 636 1667 to tell them you are away, especially if they need to follow any special instructions. Keys and remotes can be updated day or night at Hi-Tec’s control room, which is the building behind their main office at 21 New Street.

🔴 Check your alarm is in working condition. Call Hi-Tec’s control room 046 636 1667 before you check each zone in turn. Ensure that your backup battery is working properly particularly given the current load shedding.

🔴 Leave a key with a friend so they can collect any mail left in your letterbox. Do not label the keys with your address or even your house number in case they get lost or fall into the wrong hands.

🔴 Ensure you have sufficient prepaid electricity units to power your alarm and timer-lighting throughout your time away.

🔴 Make sure all taps are closed. If you have been experiencing water outages, rather close/shut off your tap at the mains to avoid the risk of flooding your home.

🔴 Before you leave, make sure all valuables are out of sight. Lock all outside doors and windows and set your burglar alarm and outdoor beams. Lock the garage and shed with proper security padlocks and don’t leave any ladders, tools or garden furniture lying around.

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