Thabo the Space Dude


Lori-Ann Preston says it’s the responses of her young readers (and sometimes their teachers!) that motivates her to keep writing. Preston was recently in town to launch the fun, wacky and relevant Thabo the Space Dude and did a reading tour of several Makhanda (Grahamstown) schools.

Poor Thabo is horrified when his so-called ‘loving’ parents inform him that his family is moving to Mars! Could his life get any worse?

Apparently so, since his parents are forcing him to document his last days on Earth in this log book.

Will he survive Mars Boot Camp? Will he be able to smuggle his two best friends on board the space shuttle? And, most importantly, will he manage to sneak a farewell kiss from Mbali?


Thabo and his family have blasted off into space.  Their destination is Mars!

How will he survive with no friends, no pizza, no milkshakes and no skateboard ramps?

How will this adventure turn out?

Will the volcano on Mars be active?  Will there be any water?  Will there perhaps be any… dun… dun… duuuun… ALIENS?!

Meet the Characters

This is Thabo.  He should be the hero of the story but unfortunately rotten luck keeps heading his way.

Thabo’s so-called ‘loving’ parents
They ensure that Thabo has absolutely no say whatsoever over his life.

This is Thabo’s Grandmother. She insists on giving Thabo sloppy kisses on the mouth – every day!  It’s quite disgusting!

Kurt and Zen
These are Thabo’s best friends. Kurt is kinda a dork! Zen is a genius!

The girl of Thabo’s dreams.

Thabo’s pet chicken. Gany’s a really cool pet when he or she is not pooping on Thabo’s hand!

Loyiso, the Jerk, Bayi
He loves to humiliate Thabo.

Thabo’s Boot Camp instructors
Sergeant BullyBeef is exceptionally cruel.  And, Professor BushyBeard is a complete nutcase.


To stand a chance of winning one of four copies of this book, answer the following question:
How far is Mars from Earth?
Send your answers to by midday on Monday 10 December. The first four correct entries are eligible for a copy of the book.

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