Visit the museum these holidays


Linda Dyani, the Albany Museum’s Marketing and Communications Officer, encourages Makhanda (Grahamstown) families to visit their local museums these holidays. Here are some of the highlights to look out for:


History Museum:

The Songs for Freedom exhibition officially opened on 23 November depicts the life and times of Canon Calata, also known as JA, or Tatou. The Anglican Priest and seasoned politician of the African National Congress (he joined the movement in 1930) was a prolific composer of church hymns. Surviving members of the Cradock based Congress Choir are assisting with a project to transcribe them before they are lost.


Natural Sciences Museum

The AmaXhosa Kingdom exhibition showcases the Kings who have governed AmaXhosa nation from King Tshawe to the current reigning King Mpendulo Sigcawu, Aaah Zwelonke!

Visit the traditional fishing methods in Africa exhibition at the Albany Museum. File photo: Sue Maclennan


Traditional Fishing Methods in Africa exhibition

Traditionally Africans have known that fish is a healthy diet, hence they used traditional technology to manufacture fishing equipment. Come and view fishing equipment that was used in the last 200 years.


A rich variety of plants on the hills around Makhanda (Grahamnstown). Learn about the traditional uses of indigenous plants at the Albany Museum’s special exhibition these holidays. File photo: Sue Maclennan

Xhosa Plants exhibition

Did you know that umemezi and umavumbuka are traditional make-ups that Xhosa women applied to mark their age? They are used by women of different ages for different purposes and most importantly to beautify themselves. Did you know that umnquma, intelezi, inqwebeba are plants that Xhosa used as charms? Impepho and nozithwana are plants that are used for meditation.


Specially for Children

The Blue Planet Gallery and The Children’s Gallery are suitable for the whole family.

The museum is open weekdays from 9am to 4.30pm and group tours can be arranged for weekends.

**‎For the festive season, the museums close at midday on 21 December and reopen on 2 January (new dates given on 14 December).

For more information contact Linda Dyani: 046 622 2312 or

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