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There are currently only two clubs in Makhanda (Grahamstown) who competed in the Grahamstown Cricket Board (GCB) First League:
– Willows Cricket Clubs, and;
– Makana Sona
The rest of the clubs in the GCB lay outside town, while the Rhodes Clubs (Rhodes & Shrews) are also competing in the First and Second leagues respectively.

Willows Cricket Club

Established in 1989, Willows is the currently the oldest club in Makhanda in the GCB First league. The Club has a very rich history and heritage. They are an all-inclusive club that consists mostly of young and unemployed, talented and skilful cricket players. There are also a few experienced players and administrators that are passionate about the sport. The Club has produced the most Provincial players to various Eastern Province sides, such as EP Rural and EP Schools. There are also talented school boy cricketers that are part of the club and are available when their schools are on holiday or not playing.

Willows practices are daily at Kingswood College Junior Dold Fields cricket nets, from 15:00-18:00. Willows has also won the GCB Night League, GCB Bathurst League and GCB Central Albany League in the past.

Contact Person: Chesley Daniels (PRO/Secretary)
Cell: 0619438498
Email: chesley.daniels@yahoo.com

You can also join the Club’s Facebook: Willows Cricket Club, Grahamstown

Makana Sona Cricket Club

Makana is also competing in the GCB First and Central Albany First leagues. They are a club from the township and also welcome all potential new players. The club also consists of mostly unemployed players that are very talented and skillful. Alongside Willows, they formed the bulk and majority of the EP Rural side.
Makana Sona practices every day in J Street from 16:00-18:00.

Contact Person: Ricardo Abrahams (President)
Cell: +27 60 388 8794

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