Grey water’s missing link


The easy, cost-effective way to catch grey water before it’s too late.

Funneling down the drains of your house every day and night is one of the most valuable resources in the ongoing fight against high water-usage. It’s called grey water and it has a range of benefits, including reducing the need to use precious rain water and saving on household water bills. Grey water is highly usable for everything from watering the garden to flushing toilets.

South Africa is a water-scarce country with water restrictions, high tariffs and fixed charges a part of everyday life. To manage water consumption, it’s up to each and every one of us to fulfil our moral obligation and save as much of this precious resource as we can. We do not have to be global environmentalists out to save the world; the least we can do is be home eco warriors with something as simple as the AquaFunnel.

To use grey water successfully, it has to be captured in great quantities. Consider a bucket in the shower. For that bucket to catch 100% of the used shower water, it needs to cover the entire floor area of the shower. Not very likely if you’re using a standard handheld bucket.

The alternative to the “bucket parade”, and the best way to ensure you catch as much grey water as possible, is to let your home’s plumbing system do the work for you. Through drains and outlet pipes, your home’s plumbing system is built to collect grey water. The trick is to divert the grey water it collects before it becomes waste water further down the line.

AquaFunnel is designed to divert grey water from outlet pipes effectively at a very low cost. AquaFunnel’s tight-fitting nozzle seals the space between the funnel and the outlet pipe ensuring the maximum amount of grey water is collected for re-use. It is adaptable to different pipe sizes, and attaches to a standard clip-on garden hose for you to water your plants guilt-free.

To use AquaFunnel, locate an outlet pipe outside your house. Cut the AquaFunnel at the line marking that corresponds to the size of the pipe. Unscrew the inspection cover from the pipe elbow, fold and insert the wide end of the AquaFunnel into the inspection hole. Twist the funnel until it moves freely, pull it to create a seal and you’re done. Now you have a direct link from your grey water outlet pipe to your garden, or any other container.

With AquaFunnel, you can reduce water bills and your impact on the country’s strained water sources. It’s affordable, adjustable and reusable.

Truly, the missing link in the fight against high water-usage.

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