Horticultural Society gives back to the commmunity


Since November 2018, the Albany Horticultural Society has been collecting seeds to provide to the members of the community that want to grow their gardens but cannot afford to buy the seeds. This initiative was inspired by the weekly “My Garden” column, in which community members with gardens are showcased.

Members of the community gather to receive the seeds gathered by the Albany Horticultural Society. From left to right: Malcolm Southey (from Sunny Side Garden), Nontinam Thezani, Sally Koei, Mavis Njadayi, Advierrre Elsich (treasurer of the Horticultural Society), Khunjulwa Mangi, Lindiwe Kulati, and Heather Surridge (Chairperson of the Horticultural Society). Photo: Lindani Donyeli

Grocott’s Mail were approached to gather members of the community who’s gardens had previously been featured in the “My Garden” column, so that the Horticultural Society could hand over the seeds that they had gathered. This was done to motivate them on Vukuzenzele.

Heather Surridge, the Chairperson of the Albany Horticultural Society, was happy to share the passion of gardening with the community. ”We want to help others so that they can be able to set a good example in the community and share the gift of gardening with each other.”

The families and members of the community thanked the Horticultural Society for giving them the seeds; they believe that they will not have to worry about seeds anymore for quite some time. Each member received 14 packets of different seeds to plant. They also thanked Grocott’s Mail for showcasing their gardens, and helping them receive the seeds from the society.

Surridge was grateful that the seeds were able to be collected by the community members and their families, and that they will be used to grow their gardens. Malcom Southey, the owner of Sunny Side Garden Centre, said, “I am so happy that other people can can inspired by what we are doing. I hope more people can come forward to give whatever they can to build our communities, and it is our aim to give hope to those who need and encourage them to plant more so that they can be able to put food on the table”.

From left to right: Heather Surridge (Chairperson of Albany Horticultural and Lilium Society), Lindiwe Kulati, Khunjulwa Mangi, Nontinam Thezani, Mavis Njadayi, Sally Koei and Malcolm Southey (Sunny Side Garden Centre). Each community member received 14 packets of seeds from the Horticultural Society. Photo: Lindani Donyeli

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